Welcome to Iglesia del Gran Pastor

[Church of the Great Shepherd]

Our church is located in one of the poorest areas of Fresnillo.

Before each service begins, we gather to pray for the congregation as a whole, and for each individual who will play a formal role in the service on that particular day.  Often the children and youth join in this prayer time and through it, they are taught the value and importance of prayer. 

Iglesia del Gran Pastor is an Anglican Church that is committed to worshipping God in Spirit, Word and Sacrament.  Thus our goal is to help the congregation understand the importance of good Bible teaching, the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers and importance of standing in the worship tradition of the early church.

The liturgy used in the Anglican tradition combines the best elements of prayer, Scripture and worship.  Most of those who attend our church have been raised as cultural Catholics and are used to having liturgy as part of their worship experience.  What usually surprises them, though, is that the liturgy and the people are alive, because of the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Sunday morning services involve the congregation as active participants in worship.  Each week, we have time for singing, the reading of Scripture, the Word explained in the sermon, and the celebration of the Lordís Supper in communion.

During the first part of the service, the young children are taken to a special childrenís church where they learn about God through age-appropriate Bible lessons. 

After a time of confession, the children are brought back into the service so that they will understand that they, too, are part of Godís family.  During the distribution of communion, the children come forward and receive prayer and a blessing.  For most of them, it is a very special moment and before they can even articulate it, their little souls begin a journey toward God. 

Older children and youth are taught that the service is for all of Godís people, not just adults.  They are encouraged to play a part and many of them now serve the church as musicians, nursery or childrenís workers, or in setup and take down of the facility.

The cross leads us into worship because we cannot enter into Godís presence apart from the work of Jesus done on the cross.  It also leads us out into the world at the end of the service to remind us that we are to share the rich blessing we have received with those who do not yet know Jesus.