Jesus’ Fishermen

[Los Pescadores de Jesús]

 Jesus calls us, like He did the Apostles, to be “fishers of men”.  [Matthew 4:19]  The youth group’s goal is to teach our younger generation how to fish.  Like the cell groups, Los Pescadores, spend time each week learning how to hear and obey God’s voice so that they can share His plan for salvation with their peers. 


The group is mostly led by Mexicans who have themselves graduated from our Club and Youth programs.  They are now ready to pass on what they have learned to those younger in life and faith.


On Saturday afternoons you can find 15-20 youth between the ages of 11-16 eager to see what Jesus will do among them.   The stated purpose of the group is to:

Honor God as living sacrifices

Grow in faith

Reach those who do not yet know Jesus as Savior


An icebreaker opens their time together.  Who doesn’t love a bit of fun?!?  This time is important for bonding among youth and leaders.


After a time of worship, the goals of the group are reviewed, followed by a lesson.


The youth are encouraged to hide the Word of God in their hearts and Scripture memory is always a part of the time together. 

The final portion of youth group is spent in prayer.  Sometimes the youth pray in pairs or groups, while other times, they sit quietly meditating on the Lord.  Soft music is played, as the leaders go from one to another and pray for the youth who are soaking up the presence of their Savior.  


Prayer is followed by "snack time".  This is a time for the youth to encourage one other to stand firm in what they have just experienced so that they might be a light in their homes, schools and neighborhoods.

Jesus says you will know His disciples by their fruit. [Matthew 7:16]  We feel honored and blessed that the Lord has shown us the fruit of this program.   A few of our most faithful youth have decided to join an 8 a.m. Sunday morning adult Bible Study.  God’s call is strong in their young lives.  We pray that they will stand firm in their faith and become our next generation of church leaders.