Torta is a feeding program in which once a month, we give a sandwich, a piece of fruit and water to every child and youth who comes to the church.  From 10am until 4pm the church is teeming with volunteers and missionaries with a heart to see Christ's love shown to the neighborhood of Patria y Libertad through a small act of kindness.    



Some of the local women and youth come early to prepare the salad that will go into the sandwich ("torta") and to fill them so that the "tortas" are ready on time!  Meanwhile, another team prepares the church building, setting up benches and getting things ready for the kids.



At 2pm, the kids file into the church ready and excited!  We sing a few songs and have a Bible lesson and then they receive their "tortas."  We all have a great time and we pray that the Lord will use this ministry to reach families all over the neighborhood with His love.
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